EcoLogic, LLC

EcoLogic owns, manufactures and markets Eco-One® brand of additives for plastic products worldwide. Eco-One® is an organic additive that enhances the biodegradation of plastic products in a biologically active landfill (appropriate facilities are not available in all areas).

Independent ASTM D5511 tests, representing biologically active landfills, have shown 5-15% biodegradation within 30 days. Eco-One® is scientifically unique, validated and certified for biodegradation.

EcoLogic’s  goal is to drive value for our customers by providing them solutions to meet increasing government, industry and consumer demands for environmental sustainability and biodegradability.

Eco-One® can be used with many plastics some of which are; PP, PE, PS, PET, PC, PA, PU, ABS, SBR rubber, EVA, TPR and many more…

Eco-One®  is easy to integrate into current manufacturing processes and should not change the production settings and cycle times of the machine it is being used on.

Eco-One® will not change the properties of the original product/package, the original physical characteristics will remain the same, the only difference is that biodegradability has been greatly enhanced allowing the product/package to biodegrade in anaerobic environments such as biologically active landfills once it has been disposed of.