BBM Maschinenbau


One Step Ahead With New Technologies

From the beginning, the company has taken its responsibility for the environment seriously by designing and developing high-performance blow moulding machines that reduce energy consumption and optimise the use of precious raw materials.

BBM customers have become noticeably more energy conscious in times of higher energy and raw material costs. So right from the start of new machine developments, BBM focuses on the reduction of power consumption.

An objective that is achieved through the utilisation of low-energy hydraulic systems, multistage clamping movements, directly driven extruders and the development of our fully electric machine range.

Extruders with lowest energy consumption per extruded kilogram of material [W/kg] and therefore per article [W/article], clamping systems that do not consume any energy when closed, energy saving directly driven extruders, electrically driven PWDS-systems, energy saving hybrid controls for accumulation pushout …

BBM is continuously developing innovative solutions.

BBM also uses W.Müller extrusion heads which are well known around the world to be the finest extrusion heads available in the market. Offering flexibility to run view stripe, Deco layers, multi layers for barrier layers. These heads also offer the fastest colour change times because of the design of the heads there are no “dead” areas where material can get caught.

BBM also has the exclusive use of the Reifenhauser extruder technology. Reifenhauser is also the global leader in extruder and extrusion technology. BBM is the only machine supplier that can offer a 20 minute screw change without having to remove the extrusion head!! This is amazing!

On the all electric machines all movements are controlled electronically. The electro/mechanical clamp is opened and closed electrically and locked mechanically. This allows the total clamp tonnage to be immediately available upon clamp close unlike standard hydraulic systems. Perfect for DG container production.

No Oil, no mess, no filters, no hoses, no seals … quiet operation and a small footprint!

Smart design, Smart operation, High quality German built equipment with the lowest impact on the environment of any blow moulder on the market. These machines will keep on returning value for many years of operation!